Hybrid Sustained Pallet

The Green Line Armor Hybrid Sustained Pallet

There are approximately two billion pallets in circulation in the United States and they operate in nearly every manufacturing, distribution, and retail environment. The Green Line Armor Hybrid Sustained Pallet™ or SUP™ is an ideal choice for nearly any of the environments where pallets are in use.


Developed over 20 years the Hybrid Sustained Use Pallet™ has reduce landfill waste, improve management of our forests, decrease costs associated with pallets, and advance the use of technology in logistics.


An RFID tag, or Radio Frequency Identity tag, is an identification tag that can be read without a direct line of sight requirement. It serves as an identifier for every working Hybrid Sustained Pallet™.


The Green Line Armor SUP™ creates outstanding economic benefits for one simple reason. IT LASTS. Improve information, performance, and integration while reducing costs.