Nick LansingPresident & CEO
Nick has a long history of business success and community involvement. His experience in managing pallet operations for community centers in Quincy and his work in fulfillment and operations have contributed tremendously to the early success of Green Line Armor. Nick’s insight into engineering design and product requirements have been key to advancing the product through the design phase. Nick also serves as President of Exact Packaging, Inc. in Quincy, Illinois.
Steve DawkinsSales Manager
Steve is the Sales Manager for Green Line Armor Pallets, and has over 25 years of sales/management experience. Steve will work with you to design a pallet system that works to reduce your overall cost of use.
Jeff GibsonGeneral Manager
Jeff is the General Manager at Industrial Support Services (manufacturer of the SUP) and has over 30 years of experience in warehousing, distribution, order fulfillment, inventory control, production operations and manufacturing.
Brian LansingProject Manager
Brian Lansing is the Project Manager for Green Line Armor, he holds an Masters in business management, has 10 years experience in packaging, warehousing, and distribution industry, he has also designed and built much of the equipment needed in the production of the SUP.