We believe in customer-centric approaches to logistics and building a program that works best in your environment.

When your pallet, in this case the SUP, can survive harsh environments and the daily rigors of warehousing and shipping, a multitude of opportunities presents itself. The product becomes an asset and not just an expense. It becomes a tool just like every other tool in your facility that helps you run your business better. The SUP can withstand roughly 48,000 pounds of impact and perform like new.

This long lasting performance enables your company to utilize additional tools such as RFID. The EPC Gen 2 tag placed in each SUP creates an environment where your pallets can improve information, performance, and integration while reducing costs.

The life of the SUP makes multiple acquisition models feasible. We will work with you to establish a sales process that meets your economic needs. Purchase or lease, your reverse logistics or ours, open loop, closed loop, well managed, or not managed at all, we can build a program that will provide the best shipping platform for you.

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